Attention training for children, adults and schools - Games for Life, help for ADHD and learning difficulties

We change the lives of people with attention difficulties - Games for Life, help for ADHD and learning difficulties

Games for Life Provide pioneering brain training solutions for Focus and Attention that may help to improve attention, impulsivity, memory and concentration.

FOCUS Training


Focus is a game with benefits! It is played for fun, on your own, or against a friend. The game was designed to provide an environment to practice skills such as attention, relaxation, impulse-control and memory. Train to develop “powers” by mastering the 12 engaging mini-games. These powers help you battle the evil necromancer, and also may help improve behaviour and academic outcomes...


Focus MindEEG Bundle

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A game controlled by the mind alone. Attention Training allows the user to view the attentive state in real time. Over time, through deliberate practice, Attention Training students can learn to increase focus and concentration. Deliberate practice entails setting goals to improve skill performance. The interactive exercises also challenge students to improve social skills, memory, finishing tasks, visual tracking, and filtering out distractions. Gradually, the student can retain the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom, work, and home...


Attention Training for professionals

Price £ 2,995.00

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Attention Training for home

Price £ 995.00

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My son has severe developmental delay, teachers have found it hard to keep him focused, therefore affecting his ability to learn. Since attending Games for Life attention-memory training his attention and academic skills has vastly improved and even been noted by his teachers. We are convinced the training has helped and recommend Games for Life.


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Short attention span? Biofeedback video games aim to get you focused

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