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Attention Training for professionals

Each day with the help of Attention Training, another student begins a positive journey of discovery and learning that may genuinely change the rest of his life.  Attention Training Professional, allows you to create an environment where your students can achieve success!

NASA inspired neuro-feedback technology measures the brain waves associated with concentration, the computer then converts the brainwaves into moving characters in the computer games.

Attention Training comes with:

Attention Training software

  • armband/helmet
  • Interface box
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • User manual
  • Behaviour shaping charts, all behavioural management materials
  • Free and unlimited technical & educational support
  • A full introductory tutorial online
  • In interactive manual with audio and video clip
  • Unlimited user-license* — everything you need to begin using quickly.

*A user license simply indicates the number of legal users of the system. The standard professional system comes with an user license. The home version is shipped with a 2 user license. Additional home users may be purchased separately.

Price £ 2,995.00

Postage included